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Enterprise Cyber Risk Management

Providing industry leaders actionable insight into their current cyber risk position and guidance for an optimized cyber response. 

The frequency, breadth and sophistication of today’s cyber threats have moved cyber risk management beyond the roles and responsibilities of the CIO and CISO.  Cyber risk is an enterprise problem that exceeds the limits of the organization’s IT systems and controls. 


Given the significant cyber-attacks that are occurring with disturbing frequency, and the mounting evidence that companies of all shapes and sizes are under a constant threat of disastrous cyber-attacks, ensuring the adequacy of a company’s cybersecurity measures needs to be a critical part of a board of director’s risk oversight responsibilities[1]. In addition to the threat of significant business disruptions, substantial response costs, negative publicity, and lasting reputational harm, there is also the threat of litigation and potential liability for failing to implement adequate steps to protect the company from cyber-threats. Couple this trend with recent legal interpretation and legal precedent, all organizations are finding themselves navigating a new cyber risk landscape with cyber threats on one side and potential regulatory compliance and legal liability on the other.   



[1] SEC Commissioner Luis A. Aguilar, “Cyber Risks and the Boardroom” Conference. New York Stock Exchange, June 10, 2014

About Us



AZORCA Cyber Security is a boutique cyber security and risk management consulting firm created to provide cost effective cyber security and risk management support to organizations not endowed with large security teams and operating budgets. AZORCA leverages its industry insights and partners to deliver efficient and cost effective risk solutions from independent board level counsel to active intrusion remediation.




We offer a suite of consulting services that help you understand your cyber risk exposure relative to your current and planned business operations.  These services  enable more coordinated and effective enterprise budget, forcasting and strategic planning discussions while ensuring an optimized enterprise risk position.




AZORCA and its business partners are active participants in Industry forums and technical venues.  Publications, articles and whitepapers are maintained on our website.

News and Events



AZORCA and its business partners are active participants in industry forums and conferences.  Our speaking engagements and event participation is referenced on our News and Events Page.

AZORCA has assembled key specialists that can be engaged as needed to address the unique cross section of issues associated with cyber security related technology and business trade-off decisions.  The team provides leading cyber technology experts, assessment practitioners, cyber remediation specialists and tenured business leaders and cyber executives to provide  cross functional senior management training and awareness. 



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