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AZORCA Cyber Security, LLC is a boutique cyber security and risk management consulting firm created to provide cost effective cyber security and risk management support to organizations not endowed with large security teams and operating budgets. AZORCA leverages its industry insights and partners to deliver efficient and cost effective risk solutions; from independent board level counsel to active intrusion remediation.

Our objective is to help organizations materially improve their cyber risk position consistent with their current budget and infrastructure constraints. We leverage our team of specialized practitioner to quickly validate the current position, prioritize cyber risks and assist in the development of remediation plans and strategies.

Cyber security is an arcane discipline requiring sophisticated staff, technology and tools to implement. Yet even with these assets, you are at a disadvantage when faced with a determined adversary.  Large organizations have the margins and cash flow to fund their cyber defense. Leaner organizations are facing the same cyber challenges without the same cache of resources. How are they to prepare themselves? 


Operational and competitive demands force many companies to focus on network efficiency.   These performance pressures can cause challenges reconciling enterprise security approaches and investment decisions.  In many cases organizations can materially improve their cyber risk position within their current budgets and operational plans. 


AZORCA was created to help Boards and senior leaders understand, in layman's terms, their cyber risk position relative to their current business environment; and to appreciate how their budgets, plans and strategic decisions effect the enterprise risk.  AZORCA is structured to provide short term assistance to bridge communications between the business and technical communities.  Bridging technical and business decision making is critical to effectively prioritize and reconcile IT acquisitions, adoption of business applications and processes, cyber-security budgets and IT outsourcing; all of which have direct impact on the enterprise cyber risk profile. Without a common baseline understanding of the size, cost and complexity of the cyber threat, and the remediation and transfer options available to the organization it is difficult to truly appreciate the depth and breadth of the risk.


AZORCA has assembled key specialists that can be engaged as needed to address the unique cross section of issues associated with cyber security related technology and business trade-off decisions.  The team provides leading cyber technology experts, assessment practioners, cyber remediation specialists and tenured business leaders and cyber executives to provide  cross functional senior management training and awareness. 


AZORCA and its select partners engage to clarify and prioritize the enterprise risk position, assist the communications and coordination between business operations and the IT organizations and de-mystify business – cyber security trade-offs.


AZORCA Cyber Security, LLC, an Arizona Corporation, is a Veteran Owned Small Business with offices in Mesa Arizona.

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